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How to shoot the picture "Never give up"

The director of the sports drama "Never Give Up" was Jeff Wadlow, who is known to the Russian audience for his work on the comedy "Kick-2." Writer Chris Hoti wrote the plot after his son showed him videos of various school fights. The rights to the production of the film received several studios: Summit Entertainment, Mandalay Pictures and B.M.P. Films.
Starring bully Jake Tyler was made by Sean Faris. For shooting in this sports drama, the handsome had to build up almost seven kilograms of muscle mass. Incidentally, the young American actor and model received the MTV Movie Award in 2008 for such efforts.
Tyler's heart lady, Bachu Miller, played a charming Amber Heard, who is familiar to Russian fans from her roles in the films “Welcome to Zombiland” and “The Chamber”. Among the other actors who took part in the filming of “Never Give Up,” it is worth listing Jimon Khonsu, Cam Gigandet, Evan Peters and Leslie Hope.For the filming of sports scenes of the film picked up these athletes involved in various clubs and halls of Florida.
Filming "Never Give Up" took place in the cities of Clermont, Sanford and Orlando, located in the southern US state of Florida. According to the plot of the film, the family of the main character moves to Florida from Iowa. All the school scenes (since the main character is still in high school) were filmed in Cypress Creek High School. The first football match in which Tyler gave a fight was filmed at the stadium of the East Ridge High School. By the way, it is worth noting that initially the film was called differently - Get Some. However, due to sexual overtones of such a name, it was replaced with Never Back Down.
The world premiere of the film “Never Give Up” was held on March 14, 2008, but the drama did not arrive on Russian screens until a month later. The sequel to the film "Never Give Up-2" was released in 2011.

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How to shoot a picture Never give up

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How to shoot a picture Never give up

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