How To Make Windows Vista Very Fast

How to speed up Vista

You will need
  • Advanced system care
  • Game booster
Accelerating and optimizing any operating system is a very unpleasant and tedious process. Many recommend using special tools for this purpose. We will not be separated from the majority. Install Advanced System Care or Game Booster on your laptop or computer. Usually the choice falls on the first option. Launch the program and open the "Windows Cleanup" menu. Check the box next to the first, second and fourth points. The "Delete personal information" function is best not to use, because it can lead to the loss of important data. Now click "Scan", and after completing this operation, click "Repair".
How to speed up <strong> Vista </ ​​strong>
In the same program, open the System Diagnostics menu. Here, check the boxes on all four points, and then repeat the steps described in the first step. Please note that the "defragmentation" item can be used about once a month.
How to speed up <strong> Vista </ ​​strong>
Unfortunately, this program alone is not enough to fully speed up the operating system. Open My Computer.

Video: How to Speed-Up Windows Vista for Free in 2 Minutes

How To Make Windows Vista Faster & Improve It's Over All Performance
How to speed up Vista

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