Returning To Lord of the Rings Online "Starting Fresh in 2017"

How to start playing "The Lord of the Rings"

You will need
  • - OS Windows 2000 and above;
  • - video card with RAM from 64 MB;
  • - RAM 512 MB;
  • - 13 GB of free hard disk space;
  • - broadband internet connection;
  • - 2-speed DVD ROM.
Open the official online game site in your browser. Read the rules. Click on the large “Registration” button to the right of the scroll with the latest news. Enter your e-mail address in the corresponding field, create a login and type the password that you will use for authorization in the game. Click "Register".
Download and install "Game Center". After that, download from the site of the game "The LordRings»Game client, to do this, click on the yellow inscription“ Download ”at the top. After the download is complete, click "Install" and use the "Run" button after successful installation of the client. Enter the game using the password and login specified during registration.
Choose the world "Fornost" or "Mirkwood", which are also game servers.Your character will always be in this world, divided into different areas, and will not be able to move to another world. The name of the chosen world will be highlighted. Click the Play button if you are sure of your choice.
Examine the user agreement that appears on the screen and accept it to begin the game. After launch, create a character. You can create in each world up to five characters of different races and classes and expand the number of available cells for characters by purchasing the Kop Moria supplement. To make a character, click on the "New Character" button.
Determine the gender and race of your gaming alter-ego, change the physique, hairstyle, eye color and their shape, as well as the shape of the nose and mouth. If you do not want to customize your character, click "Random selection", and the computer will offer you the appearance of the hero. If you want to correct your appearance during the game, look for a non-player character (merchant) with whom you can change the hairstyle and hair color.
Create a name for your hero and enter it in a special field. Follow the naming rules, which are different for each race. Read about the origin of the character of your race.Click on the "In Middle-earth" button to start playing for the character you have created.

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How to start playing Lord of the Rings

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How to start playing Lord of the Rings

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