How to Stop Dreams and Nightmares

How to stop dreaming

You can spend hours lying on the couch, dreaming of untold treasures, but the chances that wealth will fall from the sky are negligible. If you constantly spin in front of the mirror and imagine yourself as a slim model, those extra pounds will not go away. In order to make a fortune, you need to make a clear business plan and stick to it in your work. To lose weight, you need to start going to the gym and review the diet. Only persistent and purposeful actions will help turn dreams into reality.
Why do most dreams remain at the level of fantasy? “Either because dreams are too far from reality, or because a person doubts his abilities.” Suppose you do not have your own housing, a meager salary, and you dream of a villa in Miami. Lifetime salaries will not be enough to purchase the coveted housing. How to be in this situation? There is only one way out: to change work, profession, way of thinking, reduce the cost of insignificant things.And every day to take at least one action to achieve a dream.
Think about what you can do today to achieve what you want? Start the move to the main dream from now on and adjust your actions every day. Constantly ask yourself: “What have I done meaningful on the way to a dream and how close have I approached it?” Specify the object of the dream as much as possible. Dreaming about a slim figure? Determine how much a kilogram you need to lose weight, what volumes and proportions of the figure to achieve. Make a consistent plan of action: eliminate baking and sausage from the diet, twist the hoop ten minutes a day, go for a massage, etc. When you have a clear goal and a plan for its implementation, the chances of making the dream a reality will increase.
Break the dream into several successive, achievable stages. Can't learn English in any way? Set a goal: at the first stage, master the correct pronunciation and learn the words and phrases most often used in everyday life. At the second stage - learn the rules of the English language. At the third stage, engage in the expansion of the lexicon.Reach the first goal - you will have faith in yourself and you can move on.

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How To Prevent Bad Dreams
How to stop dreaming

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How to stop dreaming

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