How to stop thinking about food

Many women and men, seeking to quickly lose those extra pounds, go on diets that promise quick results. Often, weight reduction is achieved by eliminating from the diet of some food groups, a strict restriction of calorie intake. With a sharp transition from one type of food to another, the body begins to experience stress, and in some cases, a lack of nutrients and elements. A person begins to constantly experience hunger, all his thoughts are only abouteating. To avoid this, it is better to choose diets in which there is no sharp restrictions on some products. Meals should be varied and complete, then think abouteatingyou will be less.
It is better to eat 5 to 6 times a day, but not in large portions. So you will not have time to get hungry, it means that thoughts abouteatingwill not be very intrusive. If there is still a feeling of hunger between meals, it is better to satisfy it with an apple, a handful of nuts or a glass of kefir.You can still drink a glass of water, as people often confuse hunger and thirst.
If you are full, but thoughts abouteatingdo not cease to haunt you, then perhaps the cause of psychological causes. Many products contain substances that help to combat stress, nervousness, stress. Especially often sugary foods are used as antidepressants. They contain a lot of sugar, which, entering the body, entails an increase in mood. And if a person has any problems, then he tries to raise it by eating chocolate or candy. If stressful situations occur frequently, and each of them is stuck, then gradually a person forms a food addiction. Food is the only way for him to get his portion of joy and tranquility. To stop thinking abouteating, you need to change your attitude towards her. Find other ways to deal with stress and failure. For example, instead of sitting down at the table, it is better to go and walk. Fresh air is good for relieving nervous tension, fills the body with oxygen, increases the level of vitality. Or find a hobby that will take up all your free time.
Helps to cope with thoughts ofeatingand increase physical activity.During sports, dancing produces substances that enhance mood. In addition, when doing exercises, all thoughts focus on how to do them correctly, and not on how to eat them. And the first changes in your physical form will be an excellent incentive for further sports. Gradually, you will forget the time when your main desire was to eat a hamburger or a chocolate bar.

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How to stop thinking about FOOD all the time...
How to stop thinking about food

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