Top 3 Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Weak, Brittle, Cracked And Split Nails

How to strengthen the nails

Lack of vitamins and minerals affects everything, including the nails. So drink a complex of vitamins to work from the inside.
You can use vitamins and locally. Vitamins A and E are necessary for the proper formation of nails. You can buy Aevita capsules at a pharmacy, pierce with a needle and apply the contents on the nail plate. Doing this procedure a month, you will notice how your nails have become more resistant to harmful conditions and look healthier.
Do not forget to protect your hands during household chores. Before cleaning, apply silicone cream on your hands and wear rubber gloves.
Once a week do the bath and manicure. The compositions that strengthen the nail plate, include a solution of sea salt, decoctions of chamomile, burdock root and St. John's wort.
Paraffin baths protect your nails. Buy cosmetic paraffin in a pharmacy, bring to a liquid state in a water bath. Spread your hands with cream and dip in paraffin. It should be warm, but not burn.Wrap your hands in cellophane and a thick towel, or wear warm mittens. After 15 minutes, remove the paraffin and wash your hands with warm water. After that, for about an hour not to go out on a cold street, pores and vessels may sharply narrow and cause damage to them.
Within 10 days you can lubricate your nails with iodine, lemon juice or cranberry juice. If necessary, a month can be repeated.

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How to strengthen the nails

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