How to Study Smartly to Get Great Grades in College

image1-e1442692829271-300x300Students don’t really need to study hard at high school in order to get good grades, but college is a lot harder than high school, you have to work harder and smarter so that you can do great academically in college. Below are a few tips, which you could implement to help you get great grades in college.

Tip #1: You have to take note in classes

Not matter how good you are, taking notes at classes ease your revision later. You can use the traditional method of writing important points taught in the class into your notebook. Most lectures give printed notes for students as reference during the class session, but they may explain in further detail, by examples or case study, which you may need to note down into your notebook. So, always bring along a notebook into the class and write down the important points explained by lecturer. You will find that it is easier and takes less time in revision if you have noted down the important notes during the class session.

Tip #2: Record the class session for review

You can use the advanced technology such as MP3/MP4 recorder to record audio/video for playback during your revision later. You may need to get permission from lecturer before placing the recorder near the lecturer’s table for quality recording. There are many file conversion software available, which you can use to convert the recorded files into various file formats, which you can hear/watch them with any playback system. Moreover, if you convert the file with faster speed, for example 2X of the original speed, then you can shorten your revision time into half. This is one of the methods used by smart students to speed up their learning process.

Tip #3: Form a study group

Getting other students to help you learn and remember the class content is another smart way to learn faster. This is how the study group works out. The discussion in the study group that involves opinion from the members will trigger your mind more efficiently.

Tip #4: Talk to the other students in each one of your classes

You classmates may have extra or inside information that they may share with. So, you should try to keep yourself connected with your classmates. Ask them what they think about the class session just taught by the lecturer and give your opinion on it to share your thought. Don’t wait for other to start the conversation, take the initiative to make friend with your peer and will you find that the learning gets easier.

Tip #5: See your college professors at office

You have to find some time to meet up your college professors and ask questions to get better understand on the subject. When meeting with the lecturer, try to act really that you are really interested in the subject she is offering. Many college professions have vast knowledge in a particular area, which they may not explain the details during the class session. You will get a lot more information that is not taught in the class. Meeting and having discussions with the professors not only help you in getting great grades, but you will also create a network with people in the field known by the professors, who may help you to start your career easier after graduation.


In order to get great grades in college, you not only need to study hard, but study smart so that you will learn fast and easy. The 5 tips above are among the study techniques implemented by smart students to get great grades in college.