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How to study the mind in psychic science

Consciousness is a reflection of reality in the human psyche. It includes thoughts, imagination, self-perception, perception of information, and so on, and is purely individual. That is what you see, imagine and think - only your subjective experiences, the rest of the picture of the world may well be different.
In primitive times, people were not interested in consciousness, but rather in its altered state. That is why the special respect was caused by shamans who could enter and be in an altered state of consciousness. These are considered trans and ecstasy. The shamans heard voices and experienced hallucinations, and the primitive society considered them both healers, and psychologists, and prophets.
To enter an altered state of consciousness, the shamans used various psychotechnics, as well as hallucinogenic substances of natural origin, for example, mushrooms. Paradoxically, they could indeed heal some diseases, foresee the future and talk with the spirits of the dead.
In the Middle Ages philosophers dealt with questions of the psyche and consciousness.Psychology and mysticism are closely intertwined. People believed that consciousness is a divine spark, each person is able to predict the future. Special attention was paid to the interpretation of dreams - all dreams were considered to be prophetic.
In the period from the XVIII to the XII century, psychotherapists were occupied with all the same themes of changes in consciousness, especially hypnosis and somnambulism. They asked questions - why, after hypnosis, the patient does not remember what happened to him during hypnosis, and how in a state of somnambulism a person can move, speak, perform some actions. However, the answers to these questions are more in the field of physiology. Along the way, such phenomena as clairvoyance, a state of affect, amnesia, exacerbation of feelings were singled out. Psychologists with particular interest investigated the split personality, and also concluded that even those memories that seemed to be forever erased from our memory still live somewhere in the depths of the subconscious, and they can be pulled out with the help of hypnosis. And here it would be reasonable to recall the notorious Sigmund Freud.
In the twentieth century with the development of his theory of psychoanalysis, consciousness gained a flip side - unconscious.Unconsciousness manifests itself in dreams, automatic actions, reservations. Unconsciousness protects our brain from constant tension of consciousness, displaces unpleasant memories and experiences. The unconscious also keeps all our secret desires and needs when it is impossible to satisfy them for any reason.

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Images: How to study the mind in psychic science How to study the mind in psychic science
Images: How to study the mind in psychic science How to study the mind in psychic science