Baserunning Tips - How to Take a Lead From First Base

How to take lead

The composition of this drug includes natural ingredients of plant origin. Capsules "Lida"Include extracts of chrysanthemum, sweet potato, Jerusalem artichoke, coleus, guarana and other plants. Thanks to the carefully selected composition, the capsules easily and quickly break down fats, reduce appetite, normalize metabolism and as a result, help to get rid of extra pounds and achieve the desired proportions of the figure.
Capsules "Lida»Prescribed to patients suffering from overweight, metabolic disorders, prone to overeating, hypothyroidism, in need of correction. This drug leads to the desired results pretty quickly. After 2-3 weeks, weight loss is up to 15 kilograms (depending on the initial body weight).
A drug "Lida"Available in green capsules, inside of which is a cream powder. It is necessary to take them on 1 capsule a day, preferably in the morning on an empty stomach, drinking plenty of water. The course of treatment is 1 month.Standard packaging "Lida»Calculated for this period. To enhance the effect, you can continue taking the drug for one more month. In this case, the capsules need to be taken every other day. Continuous use of the drug for more than two months is not recommended. It should take a break of at least six months.
Since the appetite is reduced while taking the drug, it is necessary to include in the diet vitamin-mineral complex in order to fill the lack of necessary substances for the normal activity of the body. Besides, "Lida"Has a number of side effects.

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How to take lead

Primary and Secondary Leads
How to take lead

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