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How to teach a child to car seat

Going to the store to choose a car seat, take with youbaby. Let him give preference to one of the models presented. "Initiative" is usually only beneficial, and the child is proud to use the chair he chooses.
If you do not have the opportunity to take the baby with you or it is still too small, then you should not immediately use the car seat forbabyas intended. First, the baby should be introduced to the new device. Put it at home. Seat your favorite child comfortably. Give him toys or organize a fun and fun game in which the main “character” will be a new chair. For example, it can be a game of astronauts or ambulance drivers. Here you should take into account the interestsbaby. If passing police cars cause genuine delight in his soul, then suggest that the kid be just a police officer.
Adjust the car seat under yourbaby. Check if the seat belts are too tight for him, if the backrest tilt and the height of the head restraint are correct. Remember, how comfortable the baby will feel in the chair directly depends on how quickly he will get used to it.
Do not go immediately on a long journey. The first trip should not exceed 30 minutes. You can even just travel around the yards. It will be a kind of "test" for endurancebabyand his sympathy for the newly acquiredcar seat.

Video: Teaching Parents To Teach Kids How To Drive | NRMA Advocacy

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How to teach a child to car seat

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