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How to teach a pedagogical lesson

Determine the topic of the lesson. It should be clearly articulated, connected with previous lessons and harmoniously fit into the process of studying a particular subject.
Select the material that you will use in preparing for the lesson. Sources of information may include teaching aids, books, textbooks, magazines, Internet sites. You may also find educational videos useful. In addition to the preparatory stage, they can be used directly in the lesson.
Make assignments for students. They should help them learn new material and learn how to apply their knowledge. Keep in mind that assignments must become more complex with the lesson.
Look for interesting facts about the topic of your lesson. They will add zest and interest students. Tell a story related to the subject.
Think over your homework. It must simultaneously include the elements studied in the classroom and force students to develop their creative thinking.
Make a lesson plan. Make sure that the supply of new material alternated with its fixation. To keep the energy level up, intersperse the blocks in which you are a lecturer and that involve a lot of children's activity.
Ensure that all students participate in discussions and assignments. Eye contact with children will help you determine who is productive and who does not want to go into it or does not understand something.
Use the board and handouts. Pupils will better understand the material if, in addition to the auditory perception channel, they turn on the visual one. Important points are best given under the dictation.
Watch out for discipline. Excess noise will interfere with students. Therefore, do not allow several people to speak at the same time in the class.

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How to teach a pedagogical lesson

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How to teach a pedagogical lesson

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