How to Fortune Tell

How to tell fortunes

You will need
  • - 31 or 37 white beans or beans.
Take 31 bean, if you are a girl, and 37 bean, if you are a man. Formulate a question and try to penetrate it mentally. Do not let the question out of your head throughout the fortune-telling, it is from this will depend on the accuracy of the result of fortune-telling on beans.
Spread the beans into three equal piles. In this case, one bean will remain superfluous, put it in the center. Identify three numbers that will help you find the answer to the question. The first is the number of letters in the name of the fortuneteller, the second is the number of letters in the middle name, the third is in the last name. Additionally, count the number of vowels contained in the question - this is the fourth magic number.
Take from the first pile the number of beans corresponding to the first number and add them to the central bean. Guided by the second and third number, get the required number of beans from the second and third heap, also add to the central bean. Then take from the resulting pile the number of beans corresponding to the fourth digit.
The central handful is the “head”, it means the feelings, thoughts, and aspirations of the person conceived. The odd number of beans in it means a speedy and indispensable fulfillment of desire, even an even failure. However, for a more detailed answer, analyze the adjacent piles.
The first pile is the “hand” that defines property, poverty or wealth. An even amount in it can mean, for example, an obstacle in the form of a shortage of money or some thing. Odd - luck in money and profit (relative to the conceived).
The second pile is “heart”, joy on it or sadness. Here you also look at the parity of the number of beans, the odd one is always favorable.
Count the number of beans in the third pile. It symbolizes the "leg", that is, movement, departure, arrival, travel, etc. An odd number means a successful outcome: for example, the person in question will safely return from the trip or send something, and perhaps, on the contrary, leave. An even figure will disappoint you: despite the efforts, there will be obstacles to the fulfillment of desire.

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How to tell fortunes

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How to tell fortunes

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