Tie Trench Coat Belt in 5 Stylish Ways

How to tie a coat for a girl

You will need
  • Thin sheep wool, thin acrylic yarn, 6 large buttons, 5 small buttons, knitting needles No. 4 and No. 5.5.
Wind together 1 wool thread and two acrylic. Knit back. For size 98 - 104 (+/- 10 loops for resizing), type on needles No. 5.5 and 79 loops. Knit a fancy pattern:
1st row: tie 1 purl loop. Remove the loop without tying, while positioning the thread before work. Repeat these loops to the end of the row, finish with 1 purl loop.
Knit all the even rows with purl loops.
3rd row: tie 2 purl loops. Further to the end of the row: remove the loop, not knitting. Arrange the thread before work, tie another 1 seam loop. Finish the row with 2 purl loops. Repeat from the first row.
Turn down on both sides 5 times 1 loop in each 16 row. Thus, you get 69 loops. When the height of the product becomes equal to 33 cm, reduce on both sides for the armholes in each second row 6 times in 1 loop.At a total height of 49 cm, close 16 loops for each shoulder and 25 throat loops. Finish knitting the back.
Tie the right shelf. Dial 47 loops on the needles number 5.5 and knit a fancy pattern as described above. Only subtract from the side seam 5 times 1 loop in each 16 row. At a height of 33 cm, perform 6 drops for the armhole, as was done on the back. At a height of 43 cm from the start of knitting, remove 11 loops on the auxiliary needle. Close the neckline 2 times 3 loops and 2 times 2 loops. At a height of 49 cm, close the 16 loops for the shoulder and finish knitting the right shelf.
Knit the left shelf symmetrically right.
Tie the sleeves. Dial 39 loops on the needles number 5.5. Knit a fancy pattern. On both sides, make 7 additions, one loop each in 6 rows. It will turn out 53 loops. At a height of 18 cm, subtract from each side 1 loop in each 2 row 6 times. Close 3 loops 5 times and 11 central loops. Finish knitting sleeves. Knit the second sleeve in the same way.
Tie a collar. Dial 63 loops on the needles number 5.5. Knit a fancy pattern. At a height of 6 cm, close on both sides 2 times in 1 loop. Close all loops.
Tie two valves. For each, type 11 loops on the needles number 5.5 and knit a fancy pattern. Add on both sides 1 loop twice. Get 15 loops. At a height of 5 cm close all loops.
Tie strap.On needles No. 5.5, type 23 loops and knit with a fancy pattern, adding 1 loop from both sides. Tie 7 rows, subtract 1 loop from both sides, tie 1 row with purl loops and close.
Assemble the product. On the needles number 4 double acrylic thread, lift 46 loops and tie 4 rows of the front surface. Close the loop. In the same way trim the edges of the shelves, typing 71 loop each. At the edges of the collar, type 101 hinges, around the edge of the strap - 64 hinges, at the edges of the valves - 34 hinges and trim the same as the edges of the backrest and shelves. Bound knots tuck in and sew from the seamy side. Run the seams. Sew sleeves in the armholes, sew the collar, flaps and strap.
Make 3 pairs of buttonholes on the right shelf. To do this, sweep one loop. Sew 6 large buttons in pairs on the left shelf. One small button for each valve, two for a strap, one for a collar.

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Sartorial Tips #1: How to Tie a Trench Coat Belt in the Back Two Ways
How to tie a coat for a girl

How to tie women coat belt? -Alibayzon.com
How to tie a coat for a girl

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