How to Transplant a Tree

How to transplant oak from the forest to the garden

Use of large

Mature trees are able in a few hours to turn the “bare” plot into a dense forest, which will give the landscape solidity and perfection. From coniferous trees, you can create a hedge that is impenetrable to dust, noise, and human eyes. Hardwood - original birch or poplar grove - a corner of the wild forest. And you can plant a tree-soliter on the lawn, for example, an oak tree, under whose shadow it is good to hide in a hot sunny day.
Of course, it is easier to plant young trees and wait 10-15 years until they turn into large trees. And you can right now go to the forest and choose yourself an oak tree, which tomorrow will show off on the site.

How to choose oak for transplanting

In order to transplant a mature oak tree, you will need three assistants, a winch and a shovel. If the tree is very large, you will have to find a vehicle to transport it from the forest to the landing site.
It is best to replant large-sized plants in late autumn or early winter. The older a tree is, the more shock a transplant will be for it, and in cold weather, when life processes are inhibited and the tree is in a state of hibernation, it will take 100% new place.
It is necessary to keep track of large-sized for transplanting even in summer. It should be a tree with a dense and well-developed crown, roots, located near the surface of the earth and intact trunk. It should not show signs of disease and insect damage, otherwise it will infect all the plants in the area.

Digging, transportation, landing

Digging oak must be very careful. Oak of all hardwood krupnomer the largest "sissy." This giant is very bad at restoring damaged leaf buds. First you need to make a mental projection of the crown on the soil under the oak to determine the size of the maternal coma. You can check your measurements by paying attention to the size of the trunk (a section of the trunk at a distance of 30 cm from the soil). The lump must be 10 times larger than the diameter of the stem.
It is best to keep the oak clump intact during transportation, after digging to allow it to freeze for several days and only then, wrapping it with film or burlap, to deliver to the landing site.
The pit must be dug before the earth freezes. Its optimal size is 40 cm more than the size of a coma. Land for backfilling must also be prepared in advance and kept warm. If the soil is clay, need a drainage of sand and gravel. If infertile - fertilizer should be added to the bottom of the pit.
With the help of a winch, if the oak is large, or by hand, the tree is installed in a hole so that the cluster rises 6 cm above the ground. This is necessary so that when the soil comes in the spring, the tree does not turn out to be too deep. Oak should be guided around the world as he grew up in the forest. Then the pit is buried. The tree is fixed with stakes and stretch marks. When snow appears, the trunk circle is covered with a 40 cm snow layer.

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Growing Oak Trees From Planting Acorns
How to transplant oak from the forest to the garden

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