How To Trim Slice and Edit Your YouTube Videos

How to trim video

Free VirtualDub

Download the archive of the free program VirtualDub, unzip and install on your computer. Open the video you need using the "Open Video File" command from the "File" menu. The first frame of your video will be displayed in the preview window. Drag the slider on the timeline below the preview window to the left border of the fragment you are going to cut. The frame will be displayed in the window.
Under the timeline is the toolbar. When you hover the cursor on the buttons appears a tooltip. Click on the [Mark in] tool, move the slider to the right border of the desired fragment and click the [Mark out] button. If you want to keep the quality of the movie unchanged, in the menu "Video" and "Audio" select the item "Direct streaming". In the "File" menu, click "Save as AVI" and specify the folder for saving the fragment.
Instead of the “Save as AVI” command, you can use the F7 key.

Online service

You can use the free online service Videocutter for cutting videos. It is convenient because it works with all popular video formats.If the video is on your computer, click Open file and specify the path to the desired file. To process a video posted on the Internet, click the From url link and enter the address.
The size of the video should not exceed 500 Mb.
After the file is loaded, the initial frame of the movie will appear in the preview window, and in the working area under the screen you will see the storyboard of the video and time markers. Click on the "Start" button to more accurately determine the beginning and end of the fragment that you want to cut. Set the left marker to the beginning of the fragment, the right - to the end. In the line below the working area, specify the video format in which you will save video frames and the quality of the recording. Click Cut. On the next screen, click Download and specify the folder for saving the finished video file.
On the popular hosting youtube, you can also do video clipping. To do this, you will need to register on the hosting or on the mail service Gmale. Click the "Add Video" button in the upper right corner of the screen, then OK. Upload the video to the hosting and launch the preview to determine the time interval of the fragment you want to cut.
On the toolbar under the viewing window, click the "Improve Video" tab.In the new screen, click the “Scissors” icon, after which the timeline will appear. Set the time markers to the left and right borders of the fragment and click Finish. In the new window, click OK. The video will be saved on your personal youtube page.

Video: How to Trim videos using VLC Media Player

Images: How to trim video How to trim video
Images: How to trim video How to trim video