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How to understand that a man is checking you

If you suspect that a man is checking you, do not rush to be offended by him. The chosen one does this not because he has no confidence in you, but to receive confirmation of his desire to create a family with you. Your task in this case is to reduce all the fears of a man to a minimum and show himself only from the best sides.
Going on a date, even if it is the first, be prepared for a peculiar exam. If during a conversation with you a man touches the themes of the meaning of life, plans for the future and finds out the nuances of the worldview, this should not cause boredom for you. On the contrary, support topics as much as possible and try to answer the questions in more detail. With this behavior, a man checks your level of intelligence.
Never tell a man about your popularity or even demand from the opposite sex. Such advertising can spoil your impression.Loyalty to every man is the main advantage of a woman, and stories about fans can immediately cause him a feeling of jealousy. That is why, when asking questions about your friends or personal life, try to provide the minimum amount of information.
A tricky move by a man can be a check of your humility. You can do this while playing billiards. If a woman reacts painfully to losses, then it can be concluded that she will never obey her chosen one. You need to show not only calm, but also some coolness. This will be a testament to your independence and self-reliance.
The most popular methods of testing by men are the assessment of the greed and mercantile spirit of a woman. They are carried out in banal ways familiar to each of childhood. If you give a child a chocolate bar, then the greedy will hasten to retire with a present, and kindness will make you share a delicacy with a friend. A woman passes a similar test, receiving a sweet set as a gift. That is why do not rush to hide the donated candy, and be sure to treat them to your beau.In addition, if you were presented with a modest gift that did not meet your expectations, never draw conclusions about stinginess. This may be the next stage of checking your mercantile spirit.

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How to understand that a man is checking you

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