HOW TO USE TURMERIC | 3 easy recipes

How to use turmeric in cooking

It has a bitter savory taste, which is found in many East Indian dishes, as well as in West Indian spicy pasta and curry. Turmeric has a bright orange color, which when dried turns into golden yellow. Turmeric is also known as Indian saffron.


1. Ground turmeric is added to masala (a mixture of Indian spices) to add flavor to dishes. Turmeric is added to curry powder and curry paste, as is ginger, pepper, cumin, and coriander. Turmeric and other spices are dried on top of the oven, and then ground and added to masala.

2. Turmeric seasoned chicken dishes. Turmeric adds a warm spicy flavor to chicken meat. Use it only or in combination with other spices for rubbing chicken or as an additive to gravy. The finished chicken will have an appetizing golden yellow color.

3. Ground turmeric is used in vegetable dishes or with beans and lentils to improve taste and color.It goes well with potato and cauliflower dishes. Turmeric also adds a spicy flavor to vegetable curry.

4. For recipes with saffron or dried mustard, you can use turmeric. It has a milder taste than these spices, but gives the dish the same yellow color. On the basis of turmeric cooked mustard.

5. Fresh turmeric is used in sauces and soup broths. Fresh turmeric is prepared for use in the same way as ginger root: you need to peel and grate the bright orange flesh. Fresh turmeric has a more subtle taste than dried.

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How to use turmeric in cooking

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How to use turmeric in cooking

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