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How to wean a child to be afraid

First of all, do not create your own soil for fear, if you have a fearful baby. There should be no quarrels, screams, scandals with him. Often take the baby in your arms, hug, speak kind words. Such physical contact and a calm, stable home environment will help reduce the anxiety of the child.
Noticing that your child is afraid of something, try to observe his behavior, unobtrusively call the child to talk. Refrain from reproaches (“How can you fear such a big boy!”), From careless assurances (“What nonsense, there is no reason for fear!”). Not only will they not convince the child not to be afraid, but they will also undermine his confidence in you, the baby will close. So try to treat the worries and anxieties of your crumbs with respect and seriousness.
You can try to gradually accustom the child to the cause of his fears. If the kids are afraid of the dog, do not ask him to touch them, stroke. Go to the pet store with your child, let him watch animals from a safe distance, getting used to them gradually.
Model frightening child situations.Invite him to present himself to those whom he fears, and pretend to be a kid and lose the possible behaviors. So the child will be able to understand how to cope with their fear, to gain control over it.
Draw together with the child the cause of his fear and paint over this “monster” with a bright color - that is, win. Or tell your baby that the “monster” is very lonely, wants to eat, is ill. Let the child feel pity, take care of him, make friends. Such a reunion with the object of fear is often preferable to a victory over it.

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How to wean a child to be afraid

How to wean a child to be afraid

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