How to Braid in Weave FOR BEGINNERS

How to weave a braid in the Greek style

This braid entered modern fashion from ancient Greece. Today, it has undergone some changes, but the basic principles of weaving remain the same. In addition, the Greek braid has many varieties and forms that look perfect with modern outfits.
In order for any braid to look perfect, first wash your hair, apply balm on it, rinse thoroughly. Then apply a little styling product on your hair and dry it with a hairdryer. Do not set the hair dryer to the maximum temperature. So even though you shorten the time for drying your hair, you will make them dry and brittle.
To weave the Greek braid, take a small strand over the left ear. Divide it into three parts and begin to weave a pigtail, weaving alternately small strands into each of the three parts. Weave in the direction of the forehead, bend around it and bring the weaving to the right ear.
The resulting spikelet bring to a pre-designated place.Here you can complete the weaving and continue to normalbraid. And you can simply secure the braid with a rubber band or a beautiful hair clip, and leave the bottom loose.
It will look good with a Greek spit slightly curled curls. If you fix a spike above the right ear, you hide the place of fixation under loose hair, you will only get a spit in front, and the entire length of hair behind will remain.
One of the variants of the Greek braid is the separation of hair at the center of the forehead and weaving two braids in different directions. Separate two small strands, divide them into three parts and braid with weaves of individual beams in different directions. Bringing the pigtails to the ears, leave the hair loose. This is one of the options. Braid further two ordinary braids - this is the second option. Or connect the resulting spikelets behind and braidbraid. This option is most suitable for long and thick hair.
Every time braiding greekbraidin a new way, decorating it with various ribbons and hairpins, you will always look original and stylish.


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How to weave a braid in the Greek style

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