Weaving with Children: Cord Weaving

How to weave a cord

You will need
  • - four threads of two different colors,
  • - pin,
  • - Beads, sequins, pendants.
Choose two kinds of threads, light and dark, or threads of contrasting colors. Blue goes well with orange, red with green, and purple with yellow. An interesting effect is the use of two different types of threads, provided that they coincide in thickness. Woolen threads and floss are perfectly combined with a wide leather or rubber cord, doubled or tripled satin ribbons or beads. Do not be afraid to experiment! You can even use shoelaces for shoes of saturated colors or made from fluorescent materials that will glow in the dark. If you are using laces with a pattern, then in a pair of them pick up single-colored threads.
Take two light threads (one color) and two dark ones (another color). Fasten them together with a pin or tied at the end of the knot.
Put one dark (one color) thread in front, and the second dark one behind. One light (different color) thread from the left side, the second light thread from the right.
Swap the dark threads counterclockwise.
Swap the light threads counterclockwise, while interchanging them between the dark ones. Thus, the first dark thread that you initially put on the front turns out to be interlaced with light ones, and the second dark thread is above them.
Swap the dark threads so that the light still remains to the left and right of them. Then swap the light threads and move on in this way. Try not to stretch the thread too tightly, otherwise the cord will come out too thin and uneven. In this case, a certain tension should be maintained so that gaps between the loops do not appear. Then the work will look careless.
The finished cord should be smooth, tight and round. In the formation of wrinkles, stretch the cord between your fingers or roll between your palms. Now it remains only to decorate the cord with pendants, large beads or sequins.
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Work requires a certain concentration, until your actions become automatic.
Helpful advice
Choose thick threads so that your laces do not look too thin. If you use floss or narrow ribbons, fold them two or three times.

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How to weave a cord

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How to weave a cord

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