Pes 2018 Mobile Auction Tips and Tricks

How to win at auction in 2019

Watch the auction timer carefully. Try to place a bid when 10-15 seconds remain before the end of the auction. You should not try to make a bid later, as it may not have time to play, and the auction will end without you.
Of course, you can save the most on an expensive large product, but it is much more difficult to win in such a battle. So start participating inbiddingwith the cheapest goods, there are much fewer participants, and the chances of winning will increase. And when you gain experience, you can try to get something more valuable.
Use automatic bets. They will help scare bidders and convince them to surrender, which is exactly what you want.
Naturally, auto-delivery can be done by other bidders. Learn to use them against themselves. Often your competitors, hoping for their auto delivery, do not follow the course of the auction. As a rule, they set a limit to a certain amount.By tracking this moment, you can win by making just one bet.
Follow the actions of all bidders. Pay attention to who and when bets. At the end of the auction, this information will help you decide when to make the last bid.
Choose auctions with fewer participants, it will be much easier to win them.
Focus on trading time. Try to choose a moment when the largest number of potential participants is busy with their own affairs. Least of all bets are made at night and during lunch, and the greatest activity, as a rule, in the evenings.
Timely finish the auction. Learn to predict the final cost of the goods. Finish playing immediately, as soon as you notice that its price has skyrocketed very strongly.

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How to win at auction in 2019

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