How to wind the hair dryer

You will need
  • - hairbrush;
  • - round brushes of different diameter;
  • -filling and fixing hairstyles.
There are two types of hair dryers. The first is a device that blows warm air. In order to create a hairstyle with it, you will need special combs. The second type is a hair dryer with a nozzle, which is a round comb and allows you to simultaneously dryhairand do the styling. This device also has the name "hair dryer".
A hairdryer will be ideal for those who have shorthairor averagehair. Apply on them a little skin or mousse to add volume to the hair, then twist the hair strand onto the hairbrush and dry. If you want to make a perm, which will lie "cap", then twirl the curls should be clockwise. If your goal is hairstyles with curved tips from the cheekbones, then you must wind the strands counterclockwise.
If you want to make a haircut using a hair dryer without special attachments, then you will need special round comb.In order to make the hair as voluminous as possible, it is necessary to use large combs, but if your goal is just to twist the tips, then smaller options are perfect for this.
Apply to the head foam or mousse for styling, and then twist the strand on a comb and dry. Hairdressers sell combs, which, in addition to the curl, add extra volume. When using them, it is necessary to direct the air stream from the dryer to the strand, while quickly twisting it onto the comb.
Regarding the direction of laying here, there is the same principle as when using a comb-dryer: winding the strand clockwise you will receive laying “inside”, counterclockwise - “outside”.
In order for the finished styling lasted as long as possible, you need to sprinkle it with hair spray.

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How to wind the hair dryer

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