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How to write a love story

You will need
  • - a computer;
  • - plot.
Develop the storyline of the future lovenovela. As in other literary works, this should all begin with a string. Behind it - the main part, well, of course, the denouement. Typical option: the characters lived, unaware of the existence of each other, everything was good until they met. At the same time, of course, no sympathy arose, quite the contrary. By chance, they need to work together (or they find themselves on a desert island). She is a hysteric, he is a rude dork. As you know, opposites attract. As a result, our heroes understand that they love each other. But here an insurmountable obstacle appears at first glance: the former lover hires the killer (or the King Kong takes the lady away). Final partnoveland is dedicated to saving his “half” from tenacious predatory paws. Everything ends well. Heroes live happily ever after. A curtain.
Make psychological and physical portraits.If he is a brutal brown-haired two-meter-tall, with a slanting sazhen in the shoulders, an absolute introvert, phlegmatic or melancholic. So she is a small fragile blonde, cheerful, cheerful, sociable, constantly falling into different stories. Another pair is possible. He is an artistic young man from a bohemian environment, impressionable, musical, keen on landscape painting. She is a sheriff's daughter, raised by her father, and in her childhood she had neither dolls, nor houses for Barbie, nor fluffy teddy bears. Whatever pair you choose, the main law of the genre is that they must be antipodes.
Decide where exactly and at what time the action of love will take place.novela. You can choose a tropical paradise island or a crowded office in downtown New York; Russian modern village or rich mansion in the center of St. Petersburg; beautiful ocean liner or area of ​​Thai slums. The same variation can be in time. What to choose: past, present or future - depends entirely on your imagination.
Add a little pity. One of the heroes can be fatally ill (of course, he will be miraculously healed by the end), or, as an option, he is in dire need of debt, or pursued by the police (of course, due to a misunderstanding).As a result, you get one of those works that are so fond of tearful young ladies and ladies of post-balzakovskogo age.

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How to write a love story

How to Write a Love Story
How to write a love story

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