How to Fill Out General Power of Attorney Form

How to write a power of attorney to the court

Before you makepower of attorney, decide on the circle of persons whom you can actually entrust to take part in the process instead of you. Depending on the importance of the case, you can issue a general or specialpower of attorney(only for conducting cases in court).
In order to issue it, the notary must attest to your presence during its preparation. If you are not yet 18 years old, the notary must attest to the presence of your legal representative (one of the parents).
Please note: in some cases, the Civil Code of the Russian Federation allows submission to the court instead of a power of attorney for a contract concluded in writing between two parties and not notarized. Specify in court whether your case can be considered without your participation, if your representative has only such an agreement in his hands.
The power of attorney must necessarily include: - The name of the principal, his address and passport details, signature;
- name of the authorized person, his address and passport data, signature;
- The full name of the notary who has certified the document, his personal seal and signature.
Define in the power of attorney all the actions and powers of the trustee. You can set the terms of these powers. However anypower of attorneymay be issued for a period not exceeding 3 years.

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What is a Power of Attorney? - Shadi Shaffer; Esq.
How to write a power of attorney to the court

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