Arabic for Beginners - STEP THREE - Arabic Letter Positions

How to write arabic

The development of Arabic script requires outstanding accuracy. To make it clear that you were there, you need to gradually learn to link individual letters (which are often very similar to each other: squiggles, one word) into connected words. Do not expect that you immediately start off the bat and begin to display words and whole sentences. Start with the letters. As in the first class, prescribe each letter by a line or more, at the same time you learn its name and sound match.
After working out all the letters of the Arabic alphabet, do not take the time to consolidate your knowledge. Now Arabic ligature is not so difficult to find. You will come to the aid of the omnipresent Internet, photos, where there are signs and signs, even labels on clothes.

Video: Read & Write ANYTHING in Arabic in only 6 lessons! Alphabet #1

How to Write the Arabic Alphabet! EASY & FREE Tutorial Basic Arabic Letters
How to write arabic

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