He Doesn’t Value You? The ONLY Way He’ll Ever Change (Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy)

Husband changes: plan of action

Before you sound the alarm, make sure: whether the husband actually changes. Easy analyze: on the basis of what facts you have concluded that your spouse is wrong? Perhaps his fault is unsubstantiated or has weak evidence. If acquaintances, friends, colleagues, etc. have hinted to you about your husband's infidelity, but you yourself do not notice anything suspicious in the behavior of your spouse, stop and just watch. Remember that foreign family happiness often becomes the cause of the envy of many people who have not been able to find it. Perhaps around you are deliberately spreading gossip to cause your family serious problems.

There are some signs that tell you if your husband is cheating on you. Frequent delays from work, repeated conversations on the phone behind closed doors, active communication on the Internet, which stops immediately as soon as you get close to your computer, endless business trips and weekend duty, all this can indicate one of two things: either your the husband is a workaholic, or he really has another woman.

There are also a lot of other signs of betrayal: the spouse’s passivity in bed, irritability bordering on anger towards you, increased criticism in your direction or, on the contrary, flowers, gifts, endless apologies in everything, etc. All this does not necessarily mean that your husband is unfaithful to you, but gives rise to certain doubts about his honesty.

If your husband is found out and completely exposed in a betrayal, the strategy of your behavior will depend entirely on one single goal, namely: whether you want to leave the family or want to save your marriage. In the first case, you can afford, anything, for example: to arrange a grand scandal with the smashing of plates and proudly slam the door or quietly get a divorce from the division of property and other obligations. Invalid husband in this case will be punished as you wish.

In the case when adultery for you is not a reason to ruin the family, it is most reasonable to begin the steps to reconciliation not with whipping plates, but with frank family conversation tete-a-tete. Do not hold back your feelings, let your husband see how painful and unpleasant you are from the fact of his infidelity.Try to make him feel all the extent of your frustration with him that you are experiencing. Tell your spouse firmly that you forgive this for the last time.

What will be the punishment in this case - you decide, some spouses introduce a long-term taboo on sex, others, on the contrary, try to use the sexual energy of the spouse that he spent on another woman to the maximum. Those women who believe that cheating on their wife is the best option for revenge, often later admit to their mistake and become even more confused about the problems of infidelity.

And finally, good advice to all married women, both the problem of betrayal of the second half, and those whose men are faithful: do not dissolve completely in your spouse, do not lose your own “me”, find time for hobbies, improve yourself and comprehensively develop! Your image should not be associated by your husband with the image of a housewife in a bathrobe, be different, interesting, socially active and the problem of change will cease to be relevant for you.

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Husband changes: plan of action

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Husband changes: plan of action

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