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Review addedMay 14, 2014authorKsenka

TV series Fizruk

If you look, from the very beginning

"Fizruk" - one of the most recent comedy series on the channel TNT. Starring very popular actor Dmitry Nagiyev. Now Dmitry is filming many TV shows, a real TV star. Without Nagiyev, the series would not be the same. He plays a great role. And the type is appropriate.
"Fizruk", as you might guess from the title, the series about the school, teachers, students. Although it is a comedy, but the plot carries some drama. And the series is far from being childish, only for adults, because profanity is used, sharp expressions, there are also non-child love scenes.
Fizruk Oleg Evgenievich has no pedagogical education.In fact, this is a former gangster who does not even know how to handle children. This is clearly seen in the first series. But series after series - the teacher is changing before our eyes, finds a common language with the children, falls in love with a colleague.
Another main character is schoolgirl Sasha, who has a hard time in a new class. It is for her that the fizruk is looking after, because this is the daughter of his former boss. Sasha, too, is gradually becoming her classmate and falls in love with the most popular boy in the class.
Characters in the series a lot, but this is one of the most striking. And I advise you to watch the series from the very beginning. Otherwise, by including the third or fifth series, you do not catch the plot.
Comedy series.

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When I Look At You
If you look, from the very beginning

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