LED stair lights

Illumination of the stairs in the interior

Even an ordinary staircase with the help of lighting can instantly turn into an original element of the interior. Designers can show imagination literally in everything, because the staircase can be multi-level, with a railing made of a noble material (from wood to natural stone and metal).
Illumination of the stairs involves the observance of simple rules. First, the lamps along the march must be positioned so that they are at the same distance from each other and at the same time illuminate all the steps. Secondly, the backlight should be made not too bright, so that it does not beat in the eyes and does not blind.
The best lighting option is to highlight the steps. It can be done by small lamps, placed symmetrically and parallel to the steps. You can use neon, halogen or LED lamps. The lamps built directly into the steps will look very nice. If the staircase is made of stone or does not imply the ability to embed lamps in the steps, they can be mounted in the railing.This will help to achieve the desired aesthetic effect and additionally ensure safety.
When choosing lamps you need to pay attention to their strength. They must be in metal cases or in a case made of durable plastic. LED lamps favorably differ in the fact that in them there are no breaking elements, and the small size will allow to place them on any part of a ladder design. Fiber optic lamps provide an opportunity to implement any design decisions.
With the help of light intensity you can create the desired mood. A strong light makes the space bigger and more alive, and a weak warm light will help to calm down and create a cozy atmosphere in the house.
Creating a staircase lighting in an apartment or house, you need to show imagination, but at the same time observe safety principles. Proper lighting will turn the staircase into an original and unique design element that all guests will admire.

Video: How to illuminate your stairs - SCR-2 as Intelligent stairs lighting controller

indoor LED stair lights with sensor LED stair lighting interior
Illumination of the stairs in the interior

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