How To Apply Iron On Patches

Iron-On a Patch

Iron On Your Patches
Iron On Your Patches.

If you were a smart little bugger, you would have plugged in your iron while you were arranging your patches. If not, plug in your iron and let it heat up for a few minutes. Set it for a high 'cotton' setting. Do no add water to your iron.

Lay your garment on the ironing board and make sure one last time that your patch or patches are in place. Gently lay a towel or sheet of paper over the patch(es). The towel is there to protect your patch and your garment from the iron. Sometimes, irons can have a dirty residue on them. Also, some patches or fabrics can be sensitive to heat and will melt if touched directly by the iron.

Typically, you will press a patch for anywhere between 10 and 15 seconds. Printable transfers and fusible webbing may vary. Check the instructions or manufacturers website.

Once your patch is pressed, let it cool, then try picking gently at the edges. If it peels up, then you need to iron it just a bit more. Be careful not to over-iron!

If you liked this project, try making a zodiac symbol patch.

(Need help? Ask in the forum.)

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