Is Melatonin a Good Sleep Remedy?

Is it possible to drink valerian during pregnancy and lactation?

Such a sedative as valerian is effective for insomnia, nervous agitation, neurosis. This drug helps to gain balance, get rid of stress. Excessive excitement is not the most favorable condition for pregnant women. When breastfeeding, it is also not worthwhile to expose yourself to experiences, in order to preserve lactation. Like any other drug, valerian requires a doctor's prescription and strict adherence to instructions.

How to take valerian during pregnancy

Valerian has the least side effects; a mild sedative allows you to “pull yourself together” and cope with the psychological stress that accompanies pregnancy. Future mothers are subject to unrest, not only because of hormonal adjustment, but also because of uncertainty about the future, fear of childbirth, personal problems and other reasons.
The healing properties of Valerian were known in ancient Greece.To produce a drug that has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, began on an industrial scale in the seventeenth century.
Sedative valerian medication is prescribed for depression, migraine, insomnia, nervous excitability. You must also be aware that during pregnancy a doctor may prescribe a valerian for relieving spasm in the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, the usual valerian is able to improve the health of the pregnant woman with tachycardia, cardiac arrhythmia, and arterial hypertension.
When taking Valeryanum during pregnancy, it is necessary to take into account that this drug does not give effect immediately. Valerian has a cumulative, but stable action. It is necessary to take the drug in the form of tablets, but if there are only drops on hand, a small dose of the drug will not bring much harm to the pregnant woman.

Valerian in breastfeeding - nuances of admission

Nursing mothers can also take a sedative such as valerian. However, keep in mind that this drug will have an effect on both mother and baby. When taking Valeryanum drug during lactation, it is necessary to strictly observe the dosage, because the active substances will pass into breast milk.Basically, valerian women are prescribed for lactating women for a triple dose — no more than one tablet at a time (total of three tablets per day).
As in pregnancy, after childbirth, you should not use valerian in the form of alcohol tincture. Do not drink and decoctions, infusions from the rhizome of the plant. As a rule, when breastfeeding valerian drink courses for several weeks or days.
Valerian is produced not only in tablets, but also in drops, as well as in the form of crushed vegetable raw materials. For the manufacture of powder used Valerian root.
When taking valerian during lactation need to monitor the possibility of an allergic reaction in a child. Also, this drug may have the opposite effect for the baby - arousing instead of mild sedation.

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Valerian Root Tea Sleep Remedy Review - Does This Herbal Remedy Work?
Is it possible to drink valerian during pregnancy and lactation?

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