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Jessica Grimes

Favorite splurge food: Cheese and chocolateGo-to fitness routine: Running (I'm about to start training for my first half-marathon) and weight-lifting classes (Body Pump is my favorite).Favorite way to de-stress: Spending time with my two kids (ages 6 and 1) instantly helps me unwind. But if I've had a long day, nothing beats going for a long run.Why I'm a greatist: I think I'm someone a lot of women can relate to. I am a mom of two who works full-time and struggles not only with the work-life balance, but also trying to live a healthy lifestyle when time (and often energy) is extremely limited. Every day I have to make a conscious decision to be the healthiest me I can be on that given day. Sometimes it means getting up at 4:45am to take a class at the gym, because it's the only time I can squeeze in a workout. Or it means taking the time at night to pack a healthy lunch for myself (and my kids) for the next day so none of us will be tempted to take the lazy route and grab junk food at lunchtime.But on some days, it also means going for a walk with my family instead of a solo run, or enjoying french fries and cotton candy with my kids at the carnival, because taking care of your soul and spirit is just as important as taking care of your body.I've come to the realization that living a healthy lifestyle, especially when you're a mom, is all about two things: balance and commitment. And that's something I hope to share with other women in a similar position.

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