Cirrhosis - causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, pathology

Liver cirrhosis: causes, types, symptoms, treatment

Cirrhosis is the final stage of liver disease. The cells die off, and instead they form connective tissue, which does not fulfill its function. After a time liver failure.

Causes of liver cirrhosis

The main cause of cirrhosis is alcohol. The risk factors also include inflammatory processes in the liver, such as viral hepatitis. People who are constantly in contact with poisons and toxins and people with chronic cholecystitis suffer from cirrhosis of the liver. Not rarely the cause of cirrhosis can be the constant use of fried, smoked and fatty foods. Recently, poor-quality food has been implicated in the development of cirrhosis: various additives and dyes.

What is cirrhosis of the liver?

Alcoholic cirrhosis. The reason for it is clear from the name.

Cryptogenic- This is the most mysterious of all kinds. It develops very quickly and the reasons are usually not known.

Hepatitis cirrhosis.

Genetic cirrhosis. The form of such cirrhosis leads to the accumulation of toxins in the body. Most often there is an accumulation of iron in hemochromatosis or Wilson's disease (accumulation of zinc in the liver).

Autoimmune hepatitis. In this form, the body exhibits excessive immune activity, which destroys the liver.

Symptoms of cirrhosis143487_535e35a4cb524535e35a4cb55c.jpeg

  1. Bitterness in mouth;
  2. The skin and sclera are jaundiced;
  3. General weakness;
  4. Redness of palms;
  5. Nausea;
  6. Abdominal distention;
  7. Belching;
  8. Spider veins may project on the chest, shoulders, and back;
  9. Vascular network on the face;
  10. On examination, the liver is dense, enlarged and painful;
  11. The spleen may be enlarged.

As the size progresses in size, the abdomen increases - ascites, varicose veins of the esophagus and rectum develop. There are swelling due to violations of protein metabolism. Not rarely cirrhosis of the liver is accompanied by bleeding from the gums, nose and hemorrhoids.

Treatment of cirrhosis

It should provide the patient physical and emotional peace. Gymnastics and therapeutic walking are recommended.

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What Causes Cirrhosis Of The Liver?
Liver cirrhosis: causes, types, symptoms, treatment

Cirrhosis Liver failure sign Symptoms Causes Complications Diagnosis Treatment and Precautions
Liver cirrhosis: causes, types, symptoms, treatment

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