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Marie Crymbreri: biography and creativity of the singer

Marie Cribreberry. Biography

Marie Kraymbreri is a Ukrainian pivitza, which acts in the genre of R'n'B. The real name of the singer Marie Zhadan. Marie Crimbrerie sounded on the TV channels and radio stations in 2019, and now she constantly performs on the big stage.

Children and teenagers Marie Crymbreri

In 1992, August 21 in the city of Krivoy Rog Miri Crymbreri was born. Marie's parents did everything to keep their children from wasting their time. From early childhood, Marie went in for sports and participated in competitions, attended a dance group, where she studied choreography. Due to the busy schedule, Marie had no time for walks and chatting with friends. Already at the age of 4, Crimbrerie acted as a soloist of the dance group she participated in. Being a little on questions from adults about the future profession Marie always said that she would become a dancer.However, the girl had to forget about her dream, because at the age of 15, Crymbrerie received a serious injury to the minisc, but this did not prevent her from working as a choreographer and teaching the children to dance. Marie wrote poetry and already in 15 years her book "Alone with Heaven" was published. Also at this age, the girl was offered to sing a song at the performance of the group that Marie had been teaching, after which she recorded the song "Glam Matryoshka". This song has been heard by a lot of people, but even now very few people know that Crymbreri is its author, since this track is signed on social networks - "Katya Sambuka"

Crimbrerie - singer

Marie Crimbreri seriously thought of becoming a singer. On this, according to the girl, she pushed the betrayal of the beloved man. Marie turned to the producer center, where she worked as a chorograph, with the suggestion that she would work for some time for free in exchange for permission to record a song for her. In show business, Crimbrerie appeared with the song "Free from Love, Again Proud." The song immediately became popular. In 2015, the girl released her music video for the song “No More Meet”, and in 2019, the debut album “There Is No One Steeper Us” (NNKN) was released, which included 13 songs.Until 2019, the voice of Marie Crymbreri could be heard only on the Internet, and from 2019 - already on radio and on television. November 28, 2019 in Moscow, the first solo concert of Marie Chrysbrey. In 2019, Marie received an offer from a famous artist Alexei Nazarov, acting under the pseudonym Lx24, to star in the video. The video instantly scored a huge number of views and has become very popular on the Internet.

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Marie Crymbreri: biography and creativity of the singer

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Marie Crymbreri: biography and creativity of the singer

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