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Nutritious fish - perch-rasp. Benefits and valuable properties

Terpug goes on sale in frozen form, and if the outlet is located close to the field of fishing, it can be cooled. In fresh meat, the meat has a shade of greenish or yellowish, which is alarming for some buyers.

Ways to eat fish

Cooking can be done in many different ways. The recipes are pretty simple. Terpug is great for cooking soup, it can be fried or pickled, smoked, pickled or added to salad. Delicious canned food is produced from the string. This fish is easy to clean - there are few bones in it, the skin easily leaves.
Smoked parrot turns out to be delicious and nutritious. Most often for this take frozen fish. It must be cut, rubbed with salt and spices. Hot smoking gives a delicious and aromatic meat - it is perfect for adding to salads, and as an independent snack.Terpug can be prepared as a dietary dish - for this it must be baked, steamed or using aerogrill.
When eating grapes, it should be borne in mind that sea fish in some cases causes individual intolerance. It can manifest itself in allergic reactions, which is not particularly pleasant.Terpuga cooked in the oven is not recommended for people with kidney disease and peptic ulcer.

Nutritional value of ground thorn

On average, one fillet of fillet weighs about 300 g. It contains 330 calories, most of which are protein and very little fat. Rag fish is an excellent source of vitamins B6, B12. Half the ground chopped fillet, which has undergone heat treatment, retains the daily dose of the second vitamin and about a quarter of the first. Also, eating half a fillet, a person receives a daily rate of selenium and half the norm of phosphorus.
The composition of the groundbug includes many other useful substances:
- folate;
- Thiamines;
- nicotinic and pantothenic acids;
- ribofalvin;
- vitamin A;
- potassium;
- magnesium;
- sodium;
- zinc.According to its taste characteristics, perch is not inferior to such fish as halibut or salmon.

The benefits of perch

The main advantage of eating a rasp meat is that it contains a large amount of substances needed by the human body. Each of them is important in its own way.
Nicotinic acid - niacin - affects the release of energy from fats, carbohydrates and proteins. It is also responsible for the health of the skin, the activities of the digestive tract and the nervous system. Phosphorus is an essential component of cells that is very important for teeth and bones. It, along with sodium and potassium, supports acid-base balance, helps regular heartbeat, nerve conduction and muscle contraction. Vitamin E and selenium act as an antioxidant, providing protection to the cells, helping the thyroid gland and the functioning of the immune system.
Calorie grout may vary depending on the method of preparation. Because of this, this fish is very suitable for eating to people who diets and watch their weight.

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Nutritious fish - perch-rasp. Benefits and valuable properties

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Nutritious fish - perch-rasp. Benefits and valuable properties

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