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Meat Puree "Agusha"

One of the best Russian mashed potatoes

Puree "Agusha" was one of the first meat supplements of my child. I try to choose products with the most natural composition. Agush has an excellent composition: in addition to meat, potato starch (present in many children's purees) and water are added. We tried turkey, rabbit and beef - all kinds turned out to be fragrant and tasty, we liked both the child and me.
Mashed potatoes are available in metal cans, which can be both a plus and a minus. For example, for the entire vacation time I took a few cans of “Agushi”, it was convenient to carry them in a suitcase, there was no need to fear that they would break.
My child eats 100 grams of meat daily — as much as a jar can hold.If the norm is different, it is inconvenient to store an open can - the lid does not twist, but is removed with a check, like a canned beverage lid.
A minimum of additives.
Convenient to carry in baggage.
Open jar is inconvenient to store.

Video: Step By Step Instructions - How to Make Perfect Creamy Mashed Potato, Healthy Russian Master Recipe

Russian potato salad with ANATOLI (САЛАТ ОЛИВЬЕ)
One of the best Russian mashed potatoes

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