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Polo - a pledge of male elegance

Famous T-shirts

Polo shirts have a long and extremely interesting history that goes back to the lines of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. In those days, people carried out tennis sets in very uncomfortable and uncomfortable suits. One of the greatest athletes of his time decided to change the established trends. Jean Rene Lacoste (also called Crocodile) invented a comfortable short-sleeved shirt and showed it at the US Open in 1926. The Frenchman was very different from the rest of the tennis players in his bright wardrobe. The product was made of breathable material - cotton, and also had a soft collar. It turned out that the new style aroused great interest among other players. They began to look at comfortable T-shirts with envy. This inspired Lacoste. He decided to start mass production of clothes for tennis players.

Polo - casual fashion

In the end, polo t-shirts took to the streets. The T-shirt became popular thanks to American Ivy League students - an elite association that spread a neat style.The members of the Ivy League have relied on clothes with simple cuts, devoid of unnecessary excesses and made of high quality fabrics. Initially, polo was made only in white, today such models are also considered basic, but the choice is wide. In the fashion more clear, bright colors.

Polo in summer wardrobe

Today it is very popular to combine a sports shirt and traditional shorts. It is just a dream for a fashionable person on vacation, the beach, meeting friends. Get sneakers or lightweight moccasins, and a shirt will accentuate the charm of summer shorts.

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Polo - a pledge of male elegance

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