Amazing World: Teaching Kids About Gambling and Terrorism

Should children teach gambling

Gambling is not only a pleasant way to spend your free time. Most often, children offer adults to participate in a card game. And Western teachers advise not only not to deny offspring in cooperative games, but also to stimulate such interest, learn to play. There are several reasons for this.

Card games and children

Card games have a comprehensive developmental action. They stimulate the awakening in children of mathematical abilities. At the same time, the child needs to monitor the reactions of the players, to predict their moves in advance. Maps also help to make quick decisions and navigate in unusual situations. In other words, gambling is an opportunity to lose some life situations.There are several symptoms that can tell a child's play addiction - sleep disturbance, loss of appetite, decreased interest in communicating with peers, missing money or valuable things.
Gambling allows you to teach children to play correctly - with dignity, without tears and resentment. You can even play poker in your family to explain to the child the rules of the game, if you only spend a couple of evenings a month or less for this type of pastime, the likelihood of children being addicted to gambling will be minimal.
Remember that a forbidden fruit for a child is always sweet, so it is better to lift the veil of the sacrament on gambling in a circle of loved ones than to allow a teenager to get acquainted with poker or casino in a dubious company.

How to protect a child from gambling addiction

There are gambling for money and interest. Of course, for children - especially younger ones - it is better to get acquainted with games that stimulate a simple desire to win. In the minds of most people, card games are not associated with something evil, it is just a way to pass the time among friends. And they can really be played in family evenings.“Safe” games will help develop attentiveness, memory and other abilities: chess, Monopoly, Scrabble, and lotto.
Ludomania, or gambling, associated with slot machines, roulette and other casino gambling, often causes a loss of reality in a person.Such games practically do not have any benefit for children's development, on the contrary, they can influence the formation of a model of behavior for a small person.
In many ways, the attitude towards gambling in a child is formed on the basis of the reaction of the parent. Therefore, when a son or daughter has a first interest in this aspect of life, it is necessary to fully and correctly explain how important it is to separate games and reality. It is necessary to focus on the fact that the game is secondary.

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Should children teach gambling

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