The Rose Garden, Bern

Sights of Bern: Rose Garden

An extraordinarily beautiful park with roses is located near the river Aare, not far from the historical center of the city of Bern. This place is loved not only by residents of Switzerland, but also by tourists from all over Europe. The garden attracts with its beauty and amazing fragrance of numerous flowers.

The Berne Rose Garden has a restaurant and a playground, as well as a library with a reading room. Due to this, the Rose Garden in Bern is not only a wonderful natural monument, but also a place where you can have lunch or play with children.

Until 1765, there was a cemetery in the modern location of the Rose Garden. Only in 1913 a garden was formed here. At the beginning of the twentieth century it was fashionable to create gardens with roses. Bern is no exception.

In total, the park has more than 220 varieties of roses and two hundred varieties of irises. In the garden, fragrant lindens grow. In the center of the garden is an artificial pond with the monument "Europe and Neptune". Also in the park there is another monument located near the library - the bust of Jeremiah Gothelf (alias of the writer Albert Bitzius).Along the perimeter of the park is a wall that has remained since the time of the cemetery.

The garden presents rare varieties of tea-hybrid roses, floribunda, small-flowered varieties. All of them are unique and inimitable. Also in the garden of roses of Bern grow varieties such as Dreamled, Black Baccarat, Bordeaux, Golden Gate and many others, from which it is impossible to look away not only to gardeners, but also ordinary tourists.

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Sights of Bern: Rose Garden

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