Best 30 DIY Seashell Decor Ideas

Simple ideas for the decoration of seashells do-it-yourself

Casket is a great item for decoration with seashells. Artificially wear out the surface of the box using the colors of the sea. Add the decor of seashells, and the nautical-style box will keep your jewelry and remind you of the beautiful time.
Panel in the marine style - a great option for the decoration of seashells with your own hands. Pick the base and the background for the future picture. Think over the composition. Use beads, roots, various decorative elements.
Seashells can decorate any surface. It can be a photo frame, a note board or a pencil holder. It's nice to have such an object on your desktop, made with your own hands, and remember the happy days spent on the seashore.
The candlestick with water is easy to do with your own hands using seashells and stones. Place a sea pebble and several seashells on the bottom of a wide transparent vase.Add some faux pearl beads. Then pour water into the vase. Lower the floating candles. It remains to ignite them and enjoy the flame.
A candlestick on a flat dish is no less spectacular than a candlestick with water. Place small sea pebbles on a dish, place several thick candles of different heights in the middle. Put seashells, imitation pearls, around the candles. The handmade seashell decor will decorate many objects that surround us in everyday life. The main thing is to look closely.
Decorate the champagne bottle with ribbons of blue. You can not completely wrap the bottle, but pay attention to the central part. Then form a blue organza with a bow, fasten it on a tape and glue a starfish to the middle of the bow.
Decorate champagne glasses with seashells and imitation pearl beads. Decorate the legs of the glasses with a satin ribbon in blue. At the base of the legs glue the shells and beads.

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Simple ideas for the decoration of seashells do-it-yourself

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Simple ideas for the decoration of seashells do-it-yourself

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