The 3 best ways to heal bruises fast?

Simple tips to get rid of bruises under the eyes

Heredity greatly influences the condition of the skin around the eyes, therefore it is worthwhile first of all to pay attention to their relatives. They may also have this problem. If this is the case, then you should sleep well and use masking cosmetics.

If the bruises under the eyes appeared suddenly, but you did not change your normal daily routine and diet, then you should contact the therapist and pass a general, biochemical blood test, as well as urinalysis. If the doctor notices any abnormalities, he will refer you to a specialist who will help solve the problem.

If the bruises under the eyes are not associated with any disease or heredity, then simple tips will help you:

  • Well vypityteste, because overwork, accumulated fatigue and stress are one of the reasons for the appearance of dark circles. Be sure to ventilate the room before bedtime, and even better, make it a habit to make thirty-minute walks an hour before bedtime.Then the result will not take long - a fresh and healthy complexion is provided for you.

  • In a day, make curd or potato masks for the skin around the eyes. To do this, wrap a tablespoon of cottage cheese or grated potatoes in gauze or bandage and put on your eyes. Lie down with a compress for 15 minutes. Also in the morning, apply to the eyes cool used bags of black or green tea.

  • Use only neutral and soft products for removing make-up, and in the morning wipe your face with frozen cubes of parsley broth.

  • Long work at the computer can also be the cause of dark circles. After each hour at the monitor, take a fifteen minute break.

  • If your food is far from perfect, then it is useful to include more vitamins in your diet and give up fast food. Once a week, arrange a day of unloading, during which you eat vegetables, fruits, nuts and drink plenty of pure water.

  • Give up bad habits. Alcohol and smoking exacerbate the problem.


How to Get Rid of a Bruises Overnight , Get Rid of a Bruises Fast
Simple tips to get rid of bruises under the eyes

How Can i Get Rid of The Bruises on My Face Quickly
Simple tips to get rid of bruises under the eyes

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