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Sore throat: possible causes and treatment

The inflammatory process in the throat occurs due to the ingress of bacteria or active reproduction of existing ones, for example, in chronic tonsillitis or pharyngitis. A slight overcooling is enough, weakening of the immunity in the period of exertion or contact with an infected person, so that the disease begins, which becomes painful and painful.

A special place in otolaryngology is occupied by viral infections, which are most often disturbed in the autumn-spring period. They are so well disguised as bacterial that often patients begin to actively apply broad-spectrum antibiotics, thereby only exacerbating the situation. Without diagnosis, it is extremely undesirable to drink potent drugs!

Fungal infection can occur against the background of antibacterial therapy, due to the decrease in the protective properties of the organism. As a rule, it is difficult to get it from another person. It manifests itself with the same symptoms as bacterial and viral, but there is one characteristic feature - there are white patches on the tonsils, ulcers are possible.

If you cannot go to a doctor to verify the diagnosis, but a sore throat makes you feel, local antiseptics will come to your aid. Spray "" - a complex drug that contributes to the destruction of viruses, bacteria, fungi. You can start using it yourself, without a doctor's prescription.

The effectiveness of the drugs was proved by clinical studies, during which it was found that over 96% of patients could avoid serious complications, and about 90% of people quickly felt a decrease in pain.

Unlike many other sprays, "" is convenient to use, as it has a shortened spray. This avoids the gag reflex during irrigation, as well as treat the entire throat and tonsils evenly. If for some reason it is impossible to irrigate the throat, for example, while at work or in a public place, resort to the help of lozenges. They have the same effectiveness as the spray.

People suffering from chronic inflammatory diseases of the tonsils and the posterior pharyngeal wall can use the spray periodically without fear of complications. The minimum of active substances enters the bloodstream when the maximum concentration is reached on the mucosal surface, causing the death of viruses, bacteria and fungi.

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What Causes of Sore Throat
Sore throat: possible causes and treatment

How to Fix a Sore Throat within 2 Minutes! WITHOUT Pills, Herbs or Drugs
Sore throat: possible causes and treatment

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