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Accessories are the most important part of any outfit. If your jewelry game is not on point, the ensemble can look dull and boring. That is why every single fashion guru should know all the latest accessory trends. This winter will be all about oversized things that are striking and noticeable. Starting with dramatic sunglasses, huge bags, and fun hats, you’ll have plenty to choose from. Take a look at the standout designs you’ll definitely want to add to this season’s attire.


No outfit is finished without statement accessories. Even if your clothes are totally on point, you are still missing one of the most important details- a bag. The Spring 2019 collections at New York Fashion Week brought so many bold designs, that you will have a hard time choosing a single one.


Stuart Weitzman is one of those brands that never disappoint with their campaigns. Each season we get overly excited to see their super-innovative ads that are literally out of this world. So far, the label has tapped so many iconic faces, and every season gets even better. For Fall 2019, Stuart Weitzman’s creative director Giovanni Morelli decided to collaborate with two of the top modeling names of all times. Gisele Bundchen and Doutzen Kroes are the stars who front the official fall campaign.

It seems that the obsession with celebrities and their kids is still going strong. Numerous luxury fashion brands have already tapped the offspring of stars and made them leading faces of campaigns and runways. First, it was Johnny Depp’s gorgeous daughter Lily-Rose Depp, Andie McDowell’s two daughters, Cindy Crawford’s long-legged Kaia Gerber and many more. Good genes can take you places, and the major thing is that customers and audience really dig the mention of a celebrity name. So, high-end houses use that to their advantage and find themselves just the perfect faces to promote new releases.

After tapping Tippi Hedren, aged 88 for the luxury Le Marché des Merveilles, Gucci Ouroboros and GG Running jewelry collections, the label has now decided to collaborate with another iconic face. Faye Dunaway is the latest epic Hollywood actress to be featured in a Gucci ad. Luxury labels are making it a habit to include ladies of any age in their campaigns. And these end up being the coolest, fiercest, most popular pieces of advertisement. Faye is joined by the French singer/songwriter/actress Soko, who portrays her daughter.

Pretty and romantic looks are in. Light and flowy fabrics, feminine ruffles, floral embroidery and prints are more popular now than ever.  I feel as if a lot of the styles I am seeing are reminiscent of the Gunne Sax day’s back in the 70’s. The pieces were something like a combination of a boho prairie girl. They key is to add some modern touches to the outfit to make it a bit more modern and stylish while keeping the vintage vibe. In my look I paired this airy cotton jumpsuit from Free People that has that boho  prairie girl vibe and combined it with an oversized hat by Nick Fouquet, a metal handbag by From St. Xavier, and since I really wanted to add a Gypsy touch to this I went heavy on the jewelry, mixing some newer pieces like the bangles and earrings with some of my favorite vintage pieces like the rings and the one large bangle. Having pieces that are airy like this jumpsuit for the summertime heat is so important. Cotton’s and chiffons allow you to feel cooler while looking great. Browse below to shop my look or make it your own with some similar pieces that may be better suited for your taste or budget!

North West Makes Her Modeling Debut in Fendi Campaign Kim Kardashian, North West, Kris Jenner

Kim Kardashian‘s oldest daughter with rapper Kanye West, North West made her first official modeling debut. Being a Kardashian’s daughter sure comes with some advantages. The five-year-old style icon skipped castings and working with small brands and is making her debut with nothing less than a Fendi campaign. North is no stranger to the cameras. She is often captured by paparazzi when hanging out with her famous family and appears in their reality show. However, this is her first modeling gig and maybe the start of a successful career.

If you follow street style at all, then the kimono and jeans look is no stranger to your eyes. Two very versatile things paired together make for a fun outfit. I got on a kimono kick last year and may have purchased a few too many since, but they are so beautiful and all so different, it’s hard to say no. I score my pieces at vintage stores, vintage clothing conventions, and flea markets, but Etsy has the mother load. You can spend days looking through kimonos that range in all sizes, years, and prices (-,000+) to be exact. I wear mine mostly with jeans, but they are great over a slip dress, or of course asa house robe. Below you can shop a few of my favorite kimono/jean combos and also these fun 50’s metal weave basket handbags.


This combo screams spring with it’s bold floral patterns and light colored jeans.

Get This 30’s Silk Floral Kimono For 7.00 Here.

Get These Citizen’s Of Humanity “Tulip” Jeans For 7.00 Here.

Get This Dorset Metal Weave & Lucite Bag For 0.00 Here.

Gucci Teams Up with 12 Artists for Newest DIY Collection illustration

Alessandro Michele of Gucci is continuously collaborating with talented artists. If you take a look at the brand’s Instagram you’ll see that Gucci’s recent campaigns are literally a piece of art. Digital painter Ignasi Monreal has a series of collaborations with Gucci from the surreal Spring 2019 campaign to the limited edition capsule #GucciHallucinations. The designer again teamed up with a group of talented artists for the newest Gucci DIY collection. Thanks to the Italian fashion house customers will once again have a chance to buy wearable art.

Gucci Teams Up with 12 Artists for Newest DIY Collection tote

Gucci Teams Up with 12 Artists for Newest DIY Collection tote

The cool names that are part of this project include Coco Capitán (the same artist that created the infamous Gucci “Common sense is not that common” t-shirt), Ignasi Monreal who has been working with Gucci for few years now, Angelica Hicks, Soko (the coolest French chic around who is also known for her unique music), William Ndatila, Trevor Andrew, Unskilled Worker, Jayde Fish, Phannapast, Adrian Kozakiewicz, Alex Merry and Amanda Charchian. Gucci first introduced the DIY Program about 2 years ago where customers were able to customize their own Dionysus bag with patches, embroidery, hardware, and trims. The details customers could add included Gucci’s recognizable bumblebees, butterflies, lizards roses, peonies, dragonflies, and snakes. Monogramming was offered with Swarovski crystals in a range of colors. The Ophidia totes and Ace sneakers can still be personalized with letters in a range of colors and materials. You could check all the options for customizing on the brand’s website.

Gucci Teams Up with 12 Artists for Newest DIY Collection tote

Gucci Teams Up with 12 Artists for Newest DIY Collection tote

The latest Gucci DIY collection allowed the 12 contributors to get creative with Gucci’s Ophidia tote and Ace sneakers and come up with their signature versions of these iconic styles. According to the fashion house the final designs ” connect their artistic style and individuality to the customizable #GucciOphidia tote and #GucciAce sneakers.” The artists included their initials on these recognizable Gucci pieces and presented their recreations through vibrant illustrations and innovative shots. Gucci is focused on Instagram campaigns lately that get a lot of attention. Phannapast, Unskilled Worker, and Ignasi Monreal came up with some of the most explosive illustrations for this campaign. In fact, all of the artists made sure to put together eye-catching materials that people won’t be able to miss while scrolling through their feed.

Gucci Teams Up with 12 Artists for Newest DIY Collection illustration

Gucci Teams Up with 12 Artists for Newest DIY Collection illustration

According to the brand “The project embodies the philosophy of Gucci DIY: championing the idea of self-expression.” The new Gucci DIY collection is available for purchase on the fashion house’s website.

Gucci Teams Up with 12 Artists for Newest DIY Collection illustration

Gucci Teams Up with 12 Artists for Newest DIY Collection Ace sneakers

Photo Credit: Gucci

Jumpsuits are pretty much a good idea any time of the year. It literally takes half of the effort out of putting together an outfit, and when you are pinched for time, or just don’t want to put too much thought into what to wear, a jumpsuit can be a fashion hero. Another bonus is that most of them are pretty comfy and you can dress them up down, or whichever way you are feeling.  I have a section of my closet dedicated to jumpsuits, I have super comfy and casual ones, super dressy ones, and then some that are somewhere in between. This look is focusing in on jumpsuits that are flooding the instagram pages of fashion bloggers. Summer friendly ones that have all the cuteness.


I chose a linen blend jumpsuit with red stripes. It was one of those, “I can’t believe this is just .00!” finds. I love red, but I don’t wear it as much as I would like, so I went all out and complimented the jumpsuit with red accessories as well.

Video: 16 Stylish Jumpsuit Outfit Ideas for Summer

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