Benefits of Sea Salt

The benefits and harm of salt

Useful properties of salt

Salt is a valuable gift of nature, which must be treated very carefully. Previously, it was worth its weight in gold, for it were serious battles. The use of salt for the human body is invaluable, with its shortage even a fatal outcome is possible. The human body is 70% water and salt (sodium chloride) maintains water balance in the body. Chlorine is simply necessary for the formation of hydrochloric acid, which is the main component of gastric juice, which stimulates fat metabolism and the nervous system.
Sodium is part of the salt, without this substance the transmission of nerve impulses, muscle movements, oxygen transfer in the blood is impossible. Therefore, the argument that salt is a white poison and should be completely excluded from your diet is not correct.
A salt-free diet prescribed by experts can be harmful. Weight loss is not due to the breakdown of fat, but due to dehydration. Important trace elements such as magnesium, calcium and magnesium are washed out with water.With their lack of electrolyte balance in the body, fatigue, dry hair and skin, loss of strength. Inadequate salt intake can lead to disruption of the cardiovascular system, anorexia, depression and osteoporosis. Therefore, it is impossible to abandon salt, it is necessary to adjust the water-salt balance with its help.
Salt is the most common spice that enhances the taste of the dish. Without it, all the dishes would be bland and tasteless. It is recommended to eat sea salt or natural salt that has undergone a minimum of processing.

About the dangers of salt

Excessive salt intake retains fluid in the body, and this contributes to an increase in pressure. The load on the heart and blood vessels increases, the metabolism is disturbed, and the kidneys are affected. Therefore, it can be said with certainty that it is not only harmful but overloading food, it is also very dangerous. Per day will be allowed to consume no more than ten grams of salt.
Excess salt inhibits the movement of blood through the vessels, causes the development of atherosclerosis, and also affects the mechanism that regulates blood pressure.There is swelling of the limbs, there are bags under the eyes. The vessels are impregnated with salt, cease to expand and taper at the right time at the right moment, become brittle. From excess salt in the body, the kidneys work with increased stress, the eyes are affected (up to the onset of cataracts). Irritation of the stomach increases the risk of cancer.

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Salt Harmful Effects | Too much Salt bad for health
The benefits and harm of salt

5 Negative Side Effects Of Excess Salt Intake
The benefits and harm of salt

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