advantages and disadvantages of television

The benefits and harms of television

Vision disorders
Contact with the retina of the image of the object in question is organized by the accommodative apparatus of the eye. It should be noted that with myopia such light rays after their natural refraction focus, not reaching the retina. Thus, distance visual acuity is greatly reduced. Myopia is a condition in which a person sees well objects that are close, and poorly - remote from him. The causes of myopia are varied and numerous.
Also, the visual perception of television shows is a rapid discernment of a huge number of small details. At this time, the eyes have to do a tremendous job, which is associated with the need for eye movement on the screen and viewing the text. This is fraught with great strain on the eyes. It should be borne in mind that during this period the eyes move in a kind of uneven jumps. This feature leads to eye fatigue: a feeling of pain appears, the eyelids turn red, the muscles of the back and neck get tired.
The benefits and harms of television
Television is not for nothing considered one of the most significant inventions of mankind. Since the time TV has firmly entered our lives, a lot of bad and good things have been said about him. Anyway, regular viewing of TV shows, like any visual work, can lead to a great deal of overwork. Visual tension is not due to any particular specifics of television programs, but rather the fact that the systematic viewing of the TV turns into a large additional strain on the eyes. If you go to cinemas, concerts, museums or theaters, then watching television programs in principle is not recommended on the same day. Such an overload of impressions will not only adversely affect the eyes, but will also affect the nervous system: anxious sleep, irritability, and increased excitability will appear.
Experts give the following recommendations when watching television programs, adhering to which you can avoid health problems:
1. It is necessary to sit down at such a distance from the TV screen so that it is convenient for your state of vision.
2Do not tilt your head forward while watching TV. Head should be straight.
3. Breathe deeply and blink more often. Remember: in tense moments of various actions on the screen, people often hold their breath, which is unacceptable.
4. Instead of staring at one point, the eyes should move across the screen.
5. During long scenes, cover your eyes a little, giving them a short rest. At this point, the muscles relax.


Advantage of TV
The benefits and harms of television

SUMMER 57 - Advantages and disadvantages of watching "TV"
The benefits and harms of television

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