11 Rookie Workout Mistakes You Should Avoid

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The main thing is not to overdo it.

The main thing is not to overdo it.

When I just changed my face to blonde, my hair had a yellowish tint like that of a little chicken. A friend advised me to buy a C: EHKO conditioner for blond hair. I decided to heed her advice.
The results pleased me. The yellowness is completely gone, and the hair has a pleasant silver shade, like that of actresses on TV. I began to look very bright. But there is a conditioner and disadvantages. It dries hair a little and it becomes a bit like straw. And if you slightly overdo the hair when rinsing, they will have a purple hue.
I recommend using a conditioner, but I advise you to use it carefully, so as not to look like Malvina.
Gives the hair a silvery shine.
Dries hair.

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The main thing is not to overdo it

Evangelist. Solo Urete - Jehovah
The main thing is not to overdo it

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