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Review addedJanuary 27, 2014authorKakProsto

The most common powder

The most common powder

Washing powder "Biolan" I rarely buy, mainly on the stock. That is how the powder “Orange and Lemon” for hand washing appeared in my basket. The composition includes active granules, the tool is suitable for washing colored and white things.
Used the powder in the country. Pre-soaked things in it, and then washed them. The smell of the powder is very sharp, more chemical and lemon than orange. At the same time, there is some kind of unpleasant note in it that does not disappear even after I thoroughly rinsed my laundry in cold water. The powder copes with spots moderately, it is more likely suitable for refreshing not too contaminated linen. I use the package to the end, but I will not buy this tool anymore.
Low price.
Not too well washes, unpleasant smell.

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The most common powder

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