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War in Iraq: Operation Desert Storm, execution of Saddam Hussein

The war in Iraq in 2003 began with the entry of American troops into the country. This step was the prerequisite for the start of hostilities. He was followed by heavy casualties on both conflicting sides, large-scale armed operations, during which civilians also died, the execution of Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, who was the dictator of the state since the mid 70s of the last century. The war in Iraq, in the opinion of political scientists, did not bring any positive changes on the world stage, both industrial and economic.

Operation Desert Storm as part of the Iraq War

One of the main arguments in favor of the entry of US forces into Iraq in 2003 was Operation Desert Storm. It was after her, in 1991, that Iraq found itself in a boycott. Many leading world powers have refused economic and political ties with the state.And America decided to use this fact in 12 years in order to establish its dominance where it is possible to significantly replenish the treasury.

Operation Desert Storm was originally planned as a liberation and was needed to temper the fervor of Saddam Hussein in his desire to expand his dictatorship to the entire Arab world. Coalition forces had to develop a detailed plan of the operation, bring serious armed forces and equipment to the place of its conduct, enlist the support of allies in the person of countries not participating in the conflict. The operation was to become and became a turning point in the autocracy and permissiveness of Hussein, allowed the Americans to believe that they would succeed in becoming leaders in Iraq. But even certain victories in the war in Iraq in 2003, the execution of a dictator did not allow their plans to materialize.

Execution of Saddam Hussein

The reign of Saddam Hussein in Iraq lasted from 1979 to 2003. But he established his dominance much earlier, his opinion was listened to in the Arab world, he was already afraid in 1970. The main goal of all hostilities against Iraq was, in fact, the overthrow of this dictator.The executions were preceded by the following events:

  • the fall of the government of Saddam Hussein in April 2003,
  • the arrest of the dictator in December of the same year,
  • trial of Saddam Hussein in 2005.

The death sentence against Saddam Hussein was carried out at the turn of 2006 and 2007. The mass media published a huge amount of eyewitness accounts of this execution, but none of them were documented.

World-class political scientists regard the Iraq war as meaningless bloodshed, the cause of huge American and Arab losses, a factor that provoked the terrorist movement. And the main provocateur of hostilities is not Saddam Hussein, but coalition forces led by the US government. There are still heated debates about whether this is so, mythical rumors and speculation still arise around this temporary period, the operation “Desert Storm” has become one of the bloodiest battles of the 21st century.

Video: Operation Desert Storm: The Ultimate War (Full Documentary)

The Gulf War 1991 Iraq invasion of Kuwait
The war in Iraq: Operation Desert Storm, the execution of Saddam Hussein results

Air Campaign of Operation Desert Storm | 1991 | US Air Force Documentary
The war in Iraq: Operation Desert Storm, the execution of Saddam Hussein results

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