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Pay attention to the coloring of your animal's fur - if it is snow-white, then perhaps your pet will be called Snowball or Whitegrass, Snowman or Snowflake. Blackchinchilla�can be called, for example, Kholyok, Nochka or Chernysh, and the animal with gray coat color - Mist or Fog. Given that the chinchilla is an animal with velvet and soft fur, you can give it the nickname Fluffy or Fluffy.
Take a closer look at the behavior of your pet and try to emphasize the features of its animal character with your name. So, an animal who loves to sleep a lot can be given a completely appropriate name - Sonya or Lion, and the animal, active and mobile, will be named Zhivchik, Shalunishka, Vertunchik, Bully, Fidget, Weir. Is your favorite picky about food? Then his nickname can be Vredinka, Pridira or Fussy, but for a chinchilla who loves to eat tightly, the names are Obzhorka or Puhlya, Fatty or Puzan.
Remember the famous and beloved cartoon characters you may haveDoes your pet remind you of any of them? So call it in honor of your favorite hero! Chinchilla - and so far is not very familiar to domestic breeding beast, and a pet named Cheburashka, Shrek, Shapoklyak, Pikachu, Snow White, Pumba, Boniface, Leopold, Ratatouille, Barmalei or Winnie the Pooh will definitely be in your single copy!
Approach the choice of a name for a chinchilla with humor - for example, a large animal can be called Baby, Button or Bead, an animal with long legs - Korotkonozhka or Grazia, a animal with a fighting character - Trushishka or Slabak, and a calm and sluggish pet - Zadira, Brave Joe or The bully. Wake up the fantasy and do not call your pet standard - your chinchilla may well bear the name Bublik, Fawn, Donut, Carrot, Mustache, Beefsteak, Ushastik, Chocolate or Puff.
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A chinchilla can be wound up in a house where there are children - this animal lends itself well to education, it does not scratch or bite. The fur of this animal does not cause allergies - this animal simply does not have a seasonal molt. Chinchillas do not smell at all, because they do not have sebaceous and sweat glands.
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Tip 2: 5 reasons to buy a chinchilla

Chinchilla is a charming animal with a magnificent silky fur, which is deservedly popular with pet lovers. If you want to revive the atmosphere in the house - feel free to start a chinchilla. This animal does not give you much trouble.
5 reasons to buy chinchilla
Chinchillas, unlike the same guinea pig, do not emit a peculiar smell to the whole apartment. They have no sebaceous and sweat glands. Therefore, even their cage is enough to clean every 10-14 days.
These animals are real cleaners. Their fur is always shiny and clean. Chinchillas do not have ticks and fleas - these insects are simply not able to live in such a thick undercoat.
Chinchilla is not characterized by molting, which means you will not see in your apartment bundles of fur in the corners. These animals can only lose individual hairs only under heavy agitation or stress.
The animal is completely harmless. It has fairly sharp front incisors, but it will never sap without warning about it. If a chinchilla doesn�t like anything or she feels in danger, then for a start she will only bite a little, as if warning.At the same time, the animal does not scratch at all, since it has no claws, but nails. They, by the way, they regularly gnaw, therefore they have such soft �handles�. Only on the hind legs, the nails are a little rough.
Simple food, a spacious cage and walks around the apartment - and your chinchilla will be happy. Feed it is necessary only once a day. During the day she eats a couple of spoons of special food, and also drinks water. As you can see, this wonderful animal will not require you to spend a lot of money and review your daily routine.

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Tip 2: 5 reasons to buy a chinchilla

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