NoFap: Avoid Relapse With These 5 Weird Tips for Results

You have a goal, so start your journey to it. Think over the stages into which you can break your way. If the goal now seems to you distant and unrealizable, then moving towards it from stage to stage, the achievement of each of which is quite realistic, will facilitate the way. Get the first concrete result, complete the first stage - and you will have an incentive and faith in yourself.
Drive away fear and uncertainty. The most irreparable thing that can happen to a person is death, everything else is not a tragedy. If you cannot conquer the obstacle in your way, go around it, even if you have to retreat a little. Do not tell yourself: "I can not", "I can not stand it," set yourself up for victory. Think of the difficulties as an opportunity to temper your character and fight with them. Use every chance that life gives you, so as not to regret about the unfinished.
Do not be lazy. Allowing yourself to relax, take a break from work, you do not stay in place - you roll back as life moves forward.Develop a working capacity, a good excitement to work. Each small victory, a completed task, a solved task, is not only moving forward, it is gaining experience and knowledge, what makes you a professional, valuable specialist.
Do not look at others, do not be guided by their actions. They have - othergoals, go your own way, but take into account the positive and negative experiences that those who go next to you have. But do not be afraid to make your own decisions, to look for unbeaten paths. Do not set yourself barriers, sweep them in your path.
Enjoy what you do. Movement togoalsThis is not a dark obstinacy, but the energy of translational motion. Enjoy all that you do, feel the joy of their victories, each of them is not wasting your strength, but the influx of new ones. Are they, these increasing forces? and help you reach the end and set yourself new, even more complex tasks.
11 reasons not to give up and keep going towards your goal
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11 reasons not to give up and keep going towards your goal

Tip 2: How not to give up in 2019

Sometimes circumstances are such that it begins to seem as though it is much easier to surrender and swim at the behest of the waves.But this deceptive light current can not be nailed to the wrong bank, or even pulled to the bottom, from where it is impossible to get out.
How not to give up
Analyze the situation. If you fail at the first attempt, this is not a reason to fold your hands, but only a reason to make additional efforts. Remember how children begin to walk. At first they only learn to get up, then they take the first uncertain steps, they fall down and only after weeks begin to walk. After all, none of the children gave up the desire to move independently, all sooner or later learn this hard work. So in life, to get something, you need to put a lot of effort, someone gets it easier, but someone will have to sweat.
Think about the fact that someone is worse than you, for example, disabled people, victims of terrorist acts who have lost loved ones. This, of course, is not the best philosophy, for it is more constructive to equate to the strong. But in the case of a series of failures, this may work, because many would give everything to be in your place.
Choose your role model among stars, athletes or politicians. Many of them, before achieving success, went through the most difficult trials and did not surrender.Remember: if someone did it before you, it means that there is an opportunity to repeat success, and you can do it too.
Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Only an objective self-criticism will allow you to break free from the “little boy / girl” complex that everyone is being offended. Watch the performances of Paralympians - this is a true indicator that in order to achieve the goal, people overcome all barriers.
Think that you are much stronger than you think. By surrendering, you choose the easiest scenario. Much more courage and courage are needed to continue the fight. If you have survived one setback, you will have enough for a few more, but sooner or later the series of troubles will end, and your actions will bring the desired result.
Remember about your loved ones, they should be your inspirers and support.

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Tip 2: How not to give up in 2019

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