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Tip 2: How not to lose a wife

Before talking with his wife, you need to decide what you really want. Swing is an exchange of partners in established pairs. This is not a group sex, not an opportunity to try a three-way sex, but contact with another person who is also in a serious relationship, and does not expect anything other than intimacy. In this case, both you and your spouse have sex with other people. Often at this moment there are strong flashes of jealousy. Are you ready to see your woman having fun with another? Fantasies and reality may not coincide in such experiments.
Swingers have their own rules of behavior, you need to familiarize yourself with them before offering something to a partner. For example, there is an open and closed swing. In the first case, couples make love in front of each other, in the second they retire in separate rooms. Further relations, issues of protection and possible consequences are also discussed.
The proposal of the experiment must be started carefully so as not to cause a negative reaction. For example, offer to watch a movie about swingers or topical porn.Ask a woman how she treats such entertainment. It is better to conduct the dialogue in a comic form, without first offering anything concrete.
In a relaxed atmosphere, tell your spouse that you have always dreamed of seeing her in the arms of another person. Focus on how she felt that she was good in these fantasies. Talk about her emotions, not about her own. If you start talking about yourself, she can understand it ambiguously. Often a woman begins to look for flaws in herself, she will think that she’s fed up with you, that she is no longer interesting as a sexual partner. It is unlikely that after that she will agree.
A woman will go on a similar experiment only if she knows that there is no chance to lose her man. She needs to know that she is loved, that she does not want to be replaced or compared with someone else. It is necessary to remove the fear that it will be unnecessary. And this can be done only by constantly repeating that there is no one better in the world. And sincerity is important, not flattery.
Do not push it. First, just hint, then talk about the possibility in the distant future, and after a few weeks, begin to discuss the possibility in more detail.A woman sometimes needs to think over everything, realize all the nuances. Maybe she will start looking for information on the web or in magazines. Give her this opportunity, because after that she will feel much more confident.
The first swing should be offered to people who are familiar to her. It can be good friends, old friends. Perhaps you know her old friend, with whom she is on friendly terms. This option will not be so terrible, because everyone knows each other. But remember that if something does not work out, then you can lose these people forever from your social circle.

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Tip 2: How not to lose a wife

Weight Loss Tip 2
Tip 2: How not to lose a wife

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